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Website Development

Make a lasting impression the first time they visit your web site wins the customer. While most visitors to your office come by appointment, the web has its door open to all 24×7. You have to be at your best at all times. And herein lies the challenge. A good website must meet all of its objectives for each of its target audiences. A website’s content and structure must reflect your Business Plan. Your website must establish your brand, communicate your values, and promote your products and services.

At Presenta Software and Programming Consultancy we are very serious about websites. We plan the website in greater detail beginning with an Information Architecture, Site Navigation, Content to Visuals and Interactivity. Each website design is a unique corporate statement clearly differentiating the company from its peers.

We develop Corporate Websites, Associations & Membership Sites, Blogs, Online Catalogues. We have our own proprietary Content Management System, or we can deploy your site on any of the Open Source CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, and E-Commerce.

Our technology breadth includes ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Flash, Flex, Silverlight.

Web Hosting

A good domain name is as critical to the success of your website as its design and content. When selecting a domain name for your site follow a few guidelines. It must relate to your business, be easy to recall, have a simple spelling. Avoid hyphens and long names. Use long name and abbreviations if necessary. If the name you want is not available do not settle for .net, .org or .edu, as these are special domains reserved for non-commercial (.com) entities. See our guidelines for Domain Name Registration.

Your web technology and architecture will decide the hosting package you must get for yourself. The content, the expected traffic and commercial considerations will help you decide the hosting space and server you require. You must also decide the scope of services including Email, Managed Services and Domain Management. Get a complete specification from your website developer before signing up a package. Later upgrades can be costly. And when signing up a service, check on their support and references. No point signing up an inexpensive provider who cannot afford to provide prompt service.

We offer web hosting services only to our website customers. We have decade-long association with reputed data centers to provide shared hosting on dedicated servers. We also register new domains and manage domain transfer for our customers.

Web hosting is not about renting the right space, its about getting the right Service.