Networking and PABX System

Development / Networking and PABX System

AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contract) for Office Infrastructure and Websites

We provide Annual Maintenance Contracts to help our clients maintain their infrastructure in a reliable and effective manner around the clock. We have a team of experts that provide on-site and off-site support. Our AMC includes :

  • Desktop/Laptop/Printer support
  • Network maintenance and support
  • Server management/support
  • Anti-Virus installation
  • Mail server and User account services

Data Centre Designing, Sizing and Planning

Our data center designing, sizing and planning services are done with the latest tools and technology available. We guarantee security of your data and reliability of your connections to it. We provide :

  • Virtualization and cloud services
  • Remote connection establishment
  • VMWare infrastructure setup
  • Server farm space

Supply of Computer Systems and Software

During the initial setup of an organization it is hard to determine the type of IT products to be purchased. It is an important decision as the whole working of the organization is dependent upon it. Therefore, based on your requirement and need , we will suggest and deliver the right configuration of laptops, servers, desktops, printer, etc. for you.

CCTV, Access Control and Time Attendance

Gone are the days of log books and to keep up with the increasing need for security and efficiency, companies are resorting to biometrics for their attendance systems and access control. The need for security also arises the need for CCTV monitoring in all parts of a firm. We provide these solutions and more :

  • CCTV installation and server setup
  • Intercom systems
  • Attendance system using fingerprints
  • Access control using password and/or fingerprints.

Database Support and Data Recovery

Data loss can be devastating. Business records today are increasingly in electronic form. Most electronic records, such as emails or transactions, never get printed out. If electronic records are lost, they might be impossible to re-create. Organizations today must implement technologies and policies needed to ensure the safe preservation and availability of their data and guarantee the timely recovery of that data when disaster strikes.

Our professionally trained team will help you to assess your current IT infrastructure, Plan, design, implement and maintain cost effective and well framed DR solutions.

SOP Designing

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are documents and/or manuals created to explain various procedures within an information systems environment. SOPs provide guidelines that can be used for reference and training purposes. SOPs also provide management with a system to amend or update information pertaining to a procedure.

Our team of professionals will help you create SOPs for your organization as per your needs and requirements.

We are able to ensure top quality for all our products and services because we only use the best. We use the leading brands in all fields and this helps us provide top-of-the-line service to our esteemed clients.