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The power of Presenta Software and Programming Consultancy LIMS ENTERPRISE is achieved through the consolidation of what are now separate systems into one totally integrated and scalable solution integrating workflow, work lists and data exchange between various work areas collating into an optimized Laboratory Information System. This process is conducted in order to promote a paperless work environment.

The solution “Presenta Software and Programming Consultancy LIMS ENTERPRISE” is a milestone in itself. “Presenta Software and Programming Consultancy LIMS ENTERPRISE” Laboratory Information System has been designed on the basis of Total Quality Management trying to put in systematic workflow to enhance the performance in various work areas of the Laboratory. This TQM framework involves quality laboratory processes, quality control, quality assessment, quality improvement and quality goals.


“Presenta Software and Programming Consultancy LIMS ENTERPRISE” is designed to optimize the Turnaround Time with an uncompromised system on Quality of the Laboratory thereby increasing productivity and brand. Any LIS must have this series of valid relations from the client to the results. How the relations are implemented may vary, as it is, at least partially, dependent on the database topology.

Quality costs, but poor Quality costs more

The right test result, at the
Right Time, on the
Right Specimen, from the right patient, with result interpretation
Based on Correct reference data, and at the right price.


  • Booking and Appointments
  • Registration
  • Money Transactions
  • Inquiry module

Sample Sorting

  • Sample Collection
  • Sample Pooling
  • Verification Module

Result Entry Module

  • Biochemistry Module
  • Hematology Module.
  • Microbiology Module (Culture Entry)
  • Clinical Pathology Module
  • Immunology Module
  • Histopathology module

Authentication (Validation) Module

  • Multilevel Authentication
  • Auto Authentication
  • Department wise Authentication
  • Forwarding of Results
  • Send for repeats
  • Co-relation of parameters


  • Bi-directional Interface
  • Unidirectional Interface
  • Repeat Runs
  • Delta checks
  • Reflex Tests
  • Load List Generation by Machine
  • Quality Assurance

Report Module

  • Auto print Module
  • Batch Print Module
  • Auto Sorter Module

Additional / Optional Modules

  • Scheduling Of Investigations
  • Work Area Management
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Messaging
  • Dispatch scheduler
  • Intranet Application
  • Kiosk System Module
  • Compliance
  • Integration to HIS
  • Quality Control
  • Interpretative Reports / Reflex Tests
  • Reagent Monitoring System
  • Doctor Referral Module

“Presenta Software and Programming Consultany LIMS ENTERPRISE” takes care by automating of the following cycle in the Laboratory With plug and play modules (Optional Systems), which can be linked to the Core System “Presenta Software and Programming Consultany LIMS ENTERPRISE” optimizes the workflow and the turn around time as per the requirement of the customers. The Core System (LISPE-CO-001) has been designed to take care of the day-to-day activities of the Lab with the Modules.

Quality Laboratory Processes that refers to the policies, procedures, personnel standards and physical resources that determine how work gets done in the laboratory. Laboratory method manuals describe the standard operating processes for producing test results.

Quality Control (QC) refers to procedures for monitoring the work processes, detecting Problems and making corrections prior to delivery of reports or services. Statistical process control, or statistical quality control, is the major procedure for monitoring the analytical performance of laboratory methods.

Quality Assessment (QA) involves the totality ofFeatures and characteristics that bear on the achievement and satisfaction of customer needs.

Characteristics such as turnaround time, patient preparation, specimen acquisition, etc., are Monitored through QA activities.

Request Line Audit “Presenta Software and Programming Consultany LIMS ENTERPRISE”, allows to audit these links – both top-down and bottom-up – for example when making a follow-up of a complaint as Described in the scenario above. “Presenta Software and Programming Consultany LIMS ENTERPRISE” permit’s a detailed audit of this kind in both directions.

Sample-line Audit The result should be produced by an investigation performed on a given sample that has been collected from a certain individual. Implicit in this statement is ““Presenta Software and Programming Consultany LIMS ENTERPRISE” provides systems for sample labeling and identification that acts together with the sample cycle so as to prevent Sample exchange by mistake.

Medical validation A technologist responsible for patient results validation is using a “Presenta Software and Programming Consultany LIMS ENTERPRISE” workstation. In the investigation of an unexpected result value of the measurement of parameter, alerted by a delta-check alarm, the technologist performs the following:

Sample view of results the technologist wants to see the results of the other measurements performed in the same sample, as this might give a clue, Logically the technologist then follows the relations from the result, through the investigation up to the sample and from the sample down through all investigations requested for that sample to their results.

Historical view As no explanation for the unexpected value was found, technologist then displays all previous results of the same kind. In this case the route is from the results through the investigation and sample up to the patient, and from the patient down through all samples and investigations of the same type to their results. He now may inspect the historical view of that investigation. (The two last results of this view could be the basis for the delta-check alarm.)

Cumulative view Finally, it was necessary to display a complete cumulative view of results for this patient. The traces now combine those of the sample and historical views (see above): When moving down from the patient, a set of sample views is generated

Multi-user This is Multi user software. Multiple users can operate this software at the same time with their login.
Bi-Directional Interfacing • Bi-Directional Interfacing will avoid the manual mistakes while running the sample on machine.

• Bi-Directional Interfacing will restrict the user to run the sample on machine without register the sample & without barcode.

• Without barcode, user cannot run the sample on machine.

• This will help to calculate reagent Vs sample run on machine.

• Bi-Directional Interfacing will make the working fast and error less.

Login Security • Login Security will help to find out all activities done in Laboratory with Date & time, which will help to find out time delay, error in reporting.

• Login security will keep track for all activities like sample collection time, sample acceptance time, Authenticate time, printed time, Dispatched time.

• Login security also helps to avoid result modification without proper privileges.

Sample collection is restricted • Sample Collection module is use to print barcode as well as service requisition Slip.

• It will help to know the time at which sample is collected in LAB.

• Service Requisition Slip will avoid to run non-register tests on machine.

• Service Requisition Slip also helps while dispatching the reports.

• One extra Barcode will be generated for Dispatch purpose, which will stick on slip given to patient.

• Without Print the Barcode, user cannot run the sample on machine.

• Without Barcode, user cannot take the report for the patient.

Barcode utilization to dispatch the report. • Barcode utilization on Patient slip will help to dispatch the OPD & outside patient reports.

• Barcode will include all information like patient name, LIS no, Hospital No, which will avoid the manual, mistakes while dispatching the reports.

• This will save the dispatch time as well as avoid the missing of reports.

SRS Printing • Service Requisition Slip (SRS), which is print at sample collection counter, will show only register tests on it.

• It will help to technician seated on machine to know number of tests.

• At the same time, it will show balance payment for patient, which will help while dispatching the reports on dispatch counter.

Sample Acceptance • Sample acceptance is an additional activity in department after sample collection.

• It will help to reject clotting samples, Low-level samples.

• Sample acceptance will help to keep track for the time at which sample is arrive in particular section.

First Level Authentication by technician • Once sample is run on machine, results are first authenticated by technician, which is known as first level authentication.

• This stage will increase the accuracy for the results.

• At this stage, technician can do needful modification in results.

Second level authentication by Pathologist • Results seen by technician are approved by pathologist is known as second level Authentication.

• This stage is needful to do final look on report by pathologist before report printing.

• This stage will help to put electronic signature on report if needed.

Dispatch of Report with proper information for IPD, OPD and Outside patients • Dispatch module is help to dispatch IPD, OPD & outside reports.

• Dispatch module will keep track the information for dispatch reports like report is dispatched by whom & to which person with contact details.

• Dispatch module will help to sort the report Doctor wise & Section wise.

Report Viewer to view reports in wards and OPD Counter with proper Security for test like HIV • Report viewer, which will be installed in IPD and OPD counter, will help to view provisional report.

• Report Viewer will help in OPD to view report doctor-wise with proper security.

• In IPD doctor can see provisional report till they received print out for report from LAB.

Test Statistics to know count for the test in pathology • Test Statistics will help to know number of tests done in LAB daily and section wise.

• From Test Statistics User can find out Reagents used on machine to run the sample and no. Of tests done on machine by Reagents.

Sample Tracking • Sample tracking is helpful to find out time delay for report printing

• It will show Sample collected time, Sample Accepted time, Authenticate time, Printed time, and Dispatched time.

• It will give Turn Around Time for test, which will calibrate performance for the LAB.

Auto Log-Off for software • The software will logoff after some define time if screen remain ideal.

• This will enforce to user to use their owe login to use the software.

• This will increase the security for data & for sample tracking.

Along with Normal Ranges, Provision to save critical and unacceptable ranges for tests • Master module will provide provision to save Normal ranges as well as critical and not acceptable ranges for parameter, which will help for reporting.

• This will help technician to discuss critical and non-acceptable results with pathologist.

Modification for Printed Reports. • This will put restriction for Report modification after printing without proper rights.

• Once report is modifed, it requires the authentication from pathologist

Modification for Dispatched Reports • This will put restriction for Report modification after Dispatch without proper rights.

• Once Dispatched report is modify, it require the authentication from pathologist before report printing.

• In these conditions, we will recommend to avoid modification in dispatch reports.

Previous History for the patient (Delta check) • It will show the previous history for the patient, which is helpful for doctor to do diagnosis for the patient.

• It will helpful to do comparison between results.

• For IPD and OPD counter, this module is very helpful and needful.

• Graphical presentation to compare patient data.

Section wise Worksheet to know daily workload. • This will help to get daily worksheet to technician.

• Daily Worksheet will helps technician to know daily workload and file the results for the patient.

Outside Reports • Option to send sample outside and report for the same

• Option to receive reports from outside and report for the same

• To attach outside report in main software as PDF file.

Microbiology • Different Module for Microbiology

• Statistics report for Microbiology

• Tabular Reports for Microbiology

Histopathology • Different module for Histopathology.

• Customize report formats for Histopathology.

Documentation • SRS to study the workflow.

• Information Qualification Document.

• Design Qualification Document.

• Performance Qualification Document.

• SOPs for the software

• Validation for the software