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PS SOLUTIONS HCMS ENTERPRISE Home Care Management System is one of our Leading health care solutions. HCMS has been designed on the basis of Total Quality Management putting in systematic workflow to enhance the Performance in various work areas of the medical facilities

Reception/ FrontDesk

  • This is Multiuser software. Multiple users can operate this software at the same
    Registration of New patients as per patient type like insurance or cash patient, Uploading the
    general patient’s details.
  • Assessment visit wise, Preferred language, Other comments
  • Insurance and emirates card scan.
    Financial Information, Referral information, Education provided, Tools used etc. and enter the Discharge instructions.
    Booking Appointments, Checking Lab/Radiology test results, Checking Medical records of the patient.
  • Options to search existing patients with File No, Mobile no, Name etc.
  • Creating encounters/visits for the patients ,Printing labels for the patient.
  • Printing Medicine Prescription, Lab requests, Radiology requests, Referral forms.
  • Adding Employer company for the insurance card
  • Patient waiting time report as per HAAD requirement for Quality team.
  • Request Forms, Consent form scan be printed with the patient’s signature


Generating invoices for patients with option to update the co-payment percentage,
Deduction and Dental co-payment percentage.
Daman Thiqa Top Up card functionality also available.
Adding advance payment for a patient, which can be used while generating invoice


  • Option available for creating 2 invoices for a patient visit, separating the lab invoice from Other services.
  • Printing patient receipt
    Daily report available for tallying the cash collections, Editing the created invoices like changing insurance name, amount etc.
  • Setting up the doctor’s schedules for appointments.
    Booking appointments for existing as well as new patients.
    Automatic SMS, mails will be sent on appointment booking, visits.

Treatment Room/NurseDesk

  • Adding the Vital signs for the patients. These will be reflected automatically in Doctors
  • Internal medicines, Injection prescribed by the doctor will automatically be shown in Nurse
  • Procedures for patients directly coming to Nurse desk.

General assessment

  • Vital signs, temperature , Blood pressure , Respiratory rate , Heart rate , Oxygen saturation, Random Blood glucose level, Allergies, Weight, with chart.
  • Current diagnosis, Medical history, Recent Surgical and history and , Comments Communication, Verbally, Hand gestures, Handwriting, Communication devise, is able to communicate or unresponsive, comments selections for user records.
  • Ongoing medical needs, Dialysis Peritoneal, Frequency, time, hospital, home . Hemodialysis.
    Current diagnosis, Medical history, Recent Surgical and history and dates is availed.
  • Neurological status, Alert, Oriented, agitated restless altered gait, Confused, disoriented,
    Altered gait, limbs weakness global developmental delay, Cognition impaired reports, dementia, persistent Vegetative state, seizures, comatose, etc.
  • Respiratory status is recorded by , breathing pattern, O2 dependent via, nasal cannula , face
    mask trach mask , CPAP, O2 flow, O2 saturation, tracheostomy type, Size, Insertion date
  • last changed, due, Suction needed, frequency, Q2h , Q4h .
  • Ventilation status, Date of intubation, Tube Size, mode, CMV , SIMV , PCV , PCIRV , APRV,
    Tidal, Volume, FIO2, Rate, PEEP, Pressure Support, Weaned Off ventilation, , Vent Mode, to
    be recorded.
  • culture, Swab records organism.
    Gastrointestinal status pattern.
    insertion date, last change date, Due for change, feeding type,
    dietitian consultancy area, dietary special requirements, cultures Isolation
    Genito-urinary status forms
    Urine description, urine culture, isolation .
  • Integumentary status reports, Surgical incision site. organism, isolation, laboratory result
    Muscular-skeletal status, muscle weakness, independent, need assistance, dependent Physiotherapy consultancy, patient’s own equipment’s, braces.
  • This is complete nursing assessment consider as base for the treatment plan and services
    required however, it’s helpful for all physician, dietician, all medical team

Doctors Dusk

Automatically calculated visit types for the patients based on previous visits. Option available for the Doctor to change the visit type.

Treatment process for patients include capturing of details as mentioned below.

  • The details of previous records can be observed.
  • Display of summary of previous visits.
  • Details about History of present Illness, Pain Assessment, Review of System, Allergy, Family and Social History, Medical History are available.
  • Vital Signs details entered by nurse will be shown to doctor need to review and confirm.
  • Findings of the examination for the patient can entered here. The list displayed is as per the specialty of the doctor.
  • Nutritional and Functional- This screen captures details like Diet, appetite, Assisting equipment etc.
  • Diagnosis – Here the relevant Primary and secondary Diagnosis codes are selected from the HAAD, & DHA approved list.
  • Medicine – Here Doctor can select the medicines for the prescription as per HAAD, & DHA list. Also, users can print the prescription.
  • Laboratory, Radiology screens are used to order any Lab/Radiology admission related to services could be selected.
  • Doctor can order any Procedures from the list.
  • stat/Instant Medicine, Internal medicines can be ordered that needs to be given in the Clinic/ Hospital.
  • In Medical Decision, the Data Management, Risk Management and Diagnosis Management details can be added.

Billing /Insurance Desk

  • E-Authorization requests
  • Insurance team can verify the claims and edit the E&M, Procedures, Lab/Radiology, Medicines, and Diagnosis codes.
  • Generate the E-claim XML file for submission.
  • Upload remittance files and re submission of claims.
  • Sales reports like Full Sales report, Doctor wise, Service wise. Not invoiced report etc.


  • Adding users and setting passwords for the users.
  • Adding insurance companies and setting up the insurance plans with factors, limits,  maximum copayment etc.
  • Modifying ,Deleting patients, Physical documents that are uploaded for the patients.
  • Adding /editing CPT list.


  • Creating LPO and GRN and Adding Suppliers as part of Purchase module.
  • Drug and Stock – The Drug list can be added from the admin module. The stocks will be automatically shown as per the purchase orders.
  • Insurance companies’ details can be viewed here but update is possible only from Admin Under Sales we have below features available.
  • Adding new patients
  • Creating encounter for patients
  • Internal prescription shows the list of prescriptions given by the doctors of the same