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This solution facilitates coordination and communication across the entire organization by giving access to the important information in real time, while maintaining the privacy and security of personal health information.

Monitor COVID-19 spread with valuable & real time metrics. Access critical information to determine impact of people and virus spread.

A unified response hub to see and manage the health and campus status of your entire organizational community in real time through one single interface.

Ability to integrate using 3rd party systems.


  • Self Registration Portal allows employees to securely register themselves online by filling the form.
  • Once the user has been registered, they can authenticate their registration details using the verification OTP sent to their registered mobile number.

Result Automation

  • The solution connects in real-time with the lab and fetches the results as soon as they are released.
  • The processes is fully secure & automated to ensure an error-free

Secure QR Code

Based on the results from the lab, the employee receives a secure QR code generated by the system which can only be authenticated with the integrated lab software.


Easily scan the barcode using barcode reader / mobile scanner into the validator page to verify if the result is authentic and valid

Unified Reporting Portal

  • See and manage the health and campus status of your entire organization / community in real time through one single interface.
  • Filter by :
  • Staff ID
  • MRN
  • Name
  • Result

Reminders / Notifications

Expiry Notifications / Reminders can be tracked by the supervisor / admin of the system

Reminders can be configured and sent to users by SMS based on near expiry dates

In case of Positive results, Alerts can be triggered to supervisors / admin via portal, SMS & emails.